Stuff I've Used

The reality is that I don't care if you know what I use. There are things I keep looking up over and over (like the model number of my scratched nearly beyond legibility iPod) and that's not a smart way to live.

I do not have the tech bug, and if I could use the same two devices for the rest of my life and only need to periodically upgrade the storage and battery, I'd gladly do so.

1 Music Players

1.1 RCA CD Player

  • Serial No. : Obliterated
  • Model No. : RP2472
  • Date introduced : 2003


Info on this CD player is scarce but I used the hell out of it. Thanks to the remote control, I was able to carry this in my pocket (!) and still use it covertly. Ts that what started me wearing hoodies all the time? Or was it because I was a teenager in the PNW?

The CD I remember running in this the most is a bootleg mixtape of DDR tracks. They're still the ones etched strongest in my head. There was a second mix eventually; the second was a grab bag from HaCkInG StEpMaNiA WoAh (CTRL+F .mp3 on the root directory. I was a kid.) It's lost to time now but I know it had Look at Us. Most of the memories associated with the second mix are of laying in the back seat of our suburban, looking out the window as America flew by on a roadtrip to… where, exactly? I had thought it was Mt. Rushmore, but my hair isn't long in the pictures of that vacation, and if I was listening to techno chunes then my hair was on its way to delinquency… This mental dive isn't over.

1.2 RCA Lyra

  • Storage : 128 MB
  • Serial No. : RA022D153QDSCP
  • Model No. : RD1071
  • Date introduced : 2003


This was the first MP3 player I owned. Prior to this I was carrying around the CD player above in the pocket of my hoodie. This was my Dad's, but he gave it to me after he "outgrew" it. Now that I've looked up the manufacture date I realize this Lyra model was only a year old when I inherited it. I think what really happened is that 128 MB wasn't enough for him - his next toy was an Archos Jukebox…

More thoughts….

1.3 iPod Nano 2nd Gen

  • Storage : 2 GB
  • Serial No. : 7K63600UVQ5
  • Model No. : A1199
  • Date introduced : September 2006


Senior year of highschool I took physics. I couldn't begin to tell you what lab we were doing, but we took a group trip out to the football field. Or was this 10th grade biology, when we took petri dishes about the school grounds to find bacteria cultures to grow? We were in the bleachers for whatever we were doing. Maybe it was physics. I will have to think about where I might have stood and where I would have taken the fat carrying case.
At any rate, I was accomplice to some dishonesty. A classmate I sometimes talked to found a newer generation Nano in the bleachers, with 4 GB storage. Only I saw him find it. We made a deal - I keep my mouth shut and get his old Nano, and he keeps this one. I accepted on the condition that I also got the foreign bill we found with the newer Nano. Sketchy behavior, me. But then again, I never would have narked.

1.3.1 29 September 2022 "Restoration"

A few years ago I noticed that the screen was shattered, and today I realized that actually, the battery is bulging. I opened and destroyed this iPod to make sure I didn't burn the house down.

1.4 iPod Classic

  • Original HDD : 80 GB
  • Current micro SD: 128GB x2 + 256GB x1
  • Serial No. : 8k7470EFYMV
  • Model No. : A1238
  • Date introduced : September 2007


This was originally my sister's iPod; it sat in a drawer for a few years after she got an iPod Touch and was eventually given to me, sometime in the early 2010s. What I can't remember is if I was given this before or after my own iPod Touch (I suspect it was before, but can't remember).

1.4.1 11 October 2022 Modding

I did the popular mods on this one to make it run Rockbox with a micro SD card reader instead of the HDD. You can read about the process and the pros/cons I learned in the above link.

1.5 RCA CD Player / FM Radio

2 Phones

2.1 Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 2

  • Used : September 22, 2022 - PDPT
  • Color : Rose Gold

A gift from my Dad. His Z-Fold 2 had some fat cracks in it and he wanted to upgrade to the Z-Fold 4, so he bought himself a new phone and used insurance to get a refurbished one for me.

2.2 Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • Used :

Old and cracked, to use as a burner but once my S6 Edge started having a 4 hour battery life, I reluctantly switched to this phone for a while. I don't consider this having been one of my "phones"…

2.3 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Used : […], 2015

My third phone. Just before gradschool.

2.4 Samsung Alias 2

  • Used :

My second phone. Incidentally, the best phone in the history of phones. This lasted me from just before college into the deep convention years, and the screen finally met its end on the roof of the JW Marriott in downtown LA at Anime Expo 2015.
Maddie has the back of this phone case. It's a whole story. Maybe I'll tell it if you ask.

2.5 Samsung Juke

  • Used :
  • Color : Red

My phone senior year of highschool. It feels like I had this for years, but really it was only a year and some change. A fragile little thing in the end, but it was a great time. I blasted SOAD off of this thing constantly with Vo on walks to and from his house. He and his brother both got this phone after I did, but they got the other colors. (I think Vo's was blue and his brother's was black?)