My personal wishlist.



For a functional and fun time that doesn't require me to constantly sperg.

  • Should I give up the ghost and go the Raspberry Pi route?

Everdrive GB X7

~$135. Usually out of stock; you should buy one of these if you see it available and not jacked in price. I have a GBC flashcart already, but this one has a better power rating and the software appears much more stable.

Everdrive / FX PRO

~$235. This is the price I expect to pay, but watch out - scalpers love to list these for an extra hundred or two.

Backlit GBA

Decide what you actually want here, since it will likely be the main thing you play. Original GBA style, or SP with AGS-101?

This laminated IPS kit looks like a way forward. USB-C would be handy today, but in ten years some other plug will be standard. Should I stick with my rechargable AAs?


Now that you have a Sega CD and a 32x, some new avenues are open…

Mega Everdrive

This lets you play Genesis, CD, and 32x games.


The true version of Ecco 3.

Knuckles Chaotix

This failed console extension only existed due to Sega of America and Europe complaining about Japan's plans to release a new console just a few years after the late deployment of the "Mega Drive" in the west. Instead of delaying the Saturn, they released an extension (which was possibly motivated by back door manufacturer deals) that quickly failed. Knuckles Chaotix was a game in development for the Saturn, but quickly diverted to the 32x and feels like the tech demo it is.

Doom 32x

They really did release it on everything.

32x to model 1 cable

Right now I can only use the 32x with the model 2 Genesis.


Final Fantasy II

AKA IV. You should have gotten this decades ago.

Illusion of Gaia

Inexpensive. Cart only.

Secret of Mana

English. I don't think I'll be playing JRPGs in Japanese in this life. I'd like the box and manual to this one.

Super Mario RPG


Cotton 100%


PSX - Top Shelf

When possible, go for the black label for a few extra bucks. Some games are a hundred+ more for black label though, in which case, forget it… (Xenogears?)

Chrono Cross

Upgrade your greatest hits to black label. Pretty cheap to be honest.

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

Parasite Eve

A game I had a "fake" Kuwait copy of as a kid and didn't get far in.

Parasite Eve 2

Saga Frontier 2


This one might have to be green label.

PSX - Throwback

Animaniacs Bowling

This is a pain that is going to linger.

Pac Man World

Star Wars Episode 1

"The door is open, let's go."

Remember exploding if you touch the fans in the opening level?

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider II

I have III and IV, for some reason.

Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance

I have the manuals to a lot of GBA games, for sad reasons.

Final Fantasy Legend III

SaGa III. Cart only is fine.

Zelda - Link's Awakening DX

Zelda - Oracle of Seasons

Box and Manual to Pokemon Crystal

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha yeah right



Pikmin 2

Mario Kart - Double Dash


You've acquired enough. Get to work.

Books you won't find

Aby Warburg : Bilderatlas Mnemosyne

I missed my chance on this one…. Now I'm waiting for some Warburg otaku to die.

In the meantime, I have a French copy.

Nabokov: Eugene Onegin, 1964 Edition

I have the 1970s revised edition, but….

Home Curation

These will be long term, continuous things.

Brodart book covers

For old books and flaking covers first.

Compact Bookshelves

I need as much space as I can get. Bookshelves are for books, not photos and vases.

Storage containers

  • For games, by system. Work out a solution that is clean and allows easy access. Metal racks with plastic bins labeled by console? Whatever the solution is, don't be one of those guys with old game stuff on permanent display. If you have an old console out, only have that one out.