(25 Mar 96) Alright. This isn't going to be easy at all, and I've had to resort to writing e-lisp to figure out a proper command for these "blog" posts. You'd think this would be a native feature…. (24 Mar 96) Quality of life update - email buttons will now actually work, instead of trying to open a new window in the main frame. I'm working on a new JS widget page, but I won't make any promises on when that will come out. Replacing `<br>` with `\par` didn't work (with or without $). I'm about out of ideas. \(\psi\).
There's one thing I could try.
But it would require me to break the blog.
It's easy to back out. (21 Mar 96) SPRING. It's finally here. The last spring of this embryonic state. The last spring of whatever flatlining phantasmagoria we've been stuck in. There's no turning around, and I don't expect the way things were to return, but if they can't come back in some light capacity I will create them. \(\par\) I need to figure out how to get `org` to include multiple "line break" characters without actually breaking the line. If I could manage that, these would become full blog posts instead of little one line snippets. This is the source of the stray `\\` and `<br>` operators around this page right now. I hope to remove them and include images one day, but for now it's extremely convenient to have posts automatically fetched for the front page! \(\par\) Last night I woke up abnormally out of balance, caroming to the bathroom. My only coherent thought was "They're called plutocrats because Pluton was the Greek god of wealth. Remember this in the morning!" And hey, I was right. We really lost out big time by cutting the classics from our curriculum. Spring resolution: finally read Ovid's Metamorphoses. (20 Mar 96) Let's close out winter on a positive note. \(\par\) Deep inside this site "a few" secrets have been embedded. Most of them are/will be me playing with intrusive but not invasive JavaScript - see, for example, the 404 page that you ideally wouldn't be able to navigate to easily… but I know that right now you can. (Let me know how you get there so I can start patching up those holes!) \(\par\) With the discovery of how easy Makefiles are, I forsee having to rewrite my entire OS setup script. NB to myself for the future: have two versions, for a quick install in an emergency, and for a full install. EASY with Makefiles. Simply invoke fewer recipes. (19 Mar 96) It feels like I haven't posted in a long time but it's only been a few days. Lately I stay up well past 2am working. Baking my brain with the harsh glow of flickering monitors. A sea of ill-focused text. I need something fun to do on this machine. I don't think the things I tend to do on the computer belong on this site, which makes it tricky… How to partition work and play? The more our lives end up on the world wide web, the closer to losing all of our boundaries we are going to get… and I don't think the result is going to be a net positive. (16 Mar 96) An email button is now on my About Me page. (15 Mar 96) Quick update - someone let me know that I haven't made it possible for anyone to contact me through this site yet. That's a huge oversight. I'll fix this in the next update. Right now it's already close to 2am and I should focus on other things, such as sleeping. (14 Mar 96) I haven't posted any updates in almost two weeks, but I've been hammering tons of stuff out. I'm building a toolset of physics routines so that I stop rewriting the same code over and over, and I'm hosting them over a network connection so that I can back them up. Technology really is amazing! On the flip side, it means I have to keep the files small. Even on a modern 56kbs modem medium sized, 50kb scripts take 7.31 seconds to send, IF things are operating optimally. They usually aren't. At any rate, as I tinker I'll make some of these programs available for download here. Let me know if you see things I can improve! (02 Mar 96) Because I have nice speakers attached to my desktop, and because storage is much cheaper for a desktop, I play music off of that machine no matter where I'm working. More often than not, that's on my couch. Sometimes mediocre songs come on though, and why should I have to get up every time I want to change the song? That's why I made this script that lets me pause, play, and skip tracks through a terminal as long as I'm on the same network as it. It's not very well coded and probably only works for me, but maybe by uploading it someone will tell me something I could do better. Cheers for now. (23 Feb 96) After a long week I've finally sat back and generated some content. Will you see it? Perhaps. Not most of it. One cool thing I managed to hack together was a small JS program that does simple random walks in 1D. It's near Neptune if you want to check it out. I'll work on more soon. (18 Feb 96) Do you ever wonder if the President of the USA ever sees his secretaries thinks "hey, wanna come to the Oval Office and give me a blowjob?" Hah, that would be crazy. Good thing our country is better than that! (16 Feb 96) Added Physics homepage for public access documents. Not much content yet. (15 Feb 96) I finally got around to getting the technology tab running again. You should now be able to find my most recent Ubuntu setup flowchart. Additionally, I've added a link to qmy dotfiles, hosted elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Finally, my Emacs cheatsheet was added as a bonus. I've changed a lot in how I work with Emacs since taking those notes (which are 90% from my first week of use, long ago now). If someone is interested, I could add a section about how I use Emacs from a practical standpoint for work every day. (11 Feb 96) No visible changes today. I'm having trouble getting links imported from [this] blog file to open in a different window… I don't think external pages should open in my frames. (09 Feb 96) I'm on a roll. New buttons! New secrets! It's about time for another physics post, and I've been working with probability distributions and transforms lately, so it might be about something on that track. Ultimately my goal is to get a ton of work done and graduate ASAP, but we'll see if the mentaculus allows…. (05 Feb 96) All of my hyperlinks have been moved from my malignant, datamining browser to this site, which isn't much better. You can find them somewhere, maybe… I'll pull some gems from this subterranean master list and put them in the Links section to the left soon. Some other ideas include a custom 404 page (I don't know if this is possible yet), and a page for some digital telescope astrophotography I've done. (31 Jan 96) A few more of the old pages were finally ported up. I'm having ideas faster than I can figure them out, especially since I have to balance it with work. The creative juices from both domains are feeding back into each other though, so maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to figure out my next move. (23 Jan 96) Converting this site to export in [redacted] is taking some time. One of the main problems is that every new element of the org file is converted into a new paragraph in html. I need to override this somehow… Lots of plans for new content going forward. Stay tuned, audience of [me]! (21 Jan 96) There's a terrible feeling in my bones that it's the birthday of someone important, but I can't put my finger on who… I'm working on exporting the whole site to a different framework and getting some of the visuals to match is turning out to be a source of extreme grief. Fight on… (12 Jan 96) A few more emacs commands I've been using were added to the cheat sheet. (11 Jan 96) Tired today. Added some icons to the sidebar so it's visually clear which lines are links and which lines are titles. (04 Jan 96) As usual, edits come in closely clustered bursts. I've rehauled the computing tab to be a little more useful - the old notes there were from a time I was still getting used to things. (02 Jan 96) Halfway through the decade already? Time sure is flying by! I'm working on a lot of subtle but crucial workflow edits here so that I can get to the tinkering stage. The discontinuous pushes are always hardest… (15 Dec 95) The converted LaTeX for my prelim study flashcards have been added to the physics tab. This page was converted using the latex2html package. Now that I've discovered this, I expect to use it more often. (17 Oct 95) Not the greatest I've ever been at consistent updates… but I'm still going at it. There's a new secret file on this website that links to my setup config files now, so that I can quickly install a new machine and get it workable. The "computing" tab will probably be obliterated soon and replaced with my setup configuration instructions (it's nothing but clutter in my head, but needs to be retained.) (14 Sept 95) Today's update was an under the hood rehaul, but nothing that should have been noticeable by the average visitor. Some dumb things have been removed from the computing page. (29 Aug 95) Not much is being added to the site today, but it seems like most of the terminal packages I've been playing with will be made obsolete by emacs + org mode. Perhaps I should use this mode to create a todo list and keep it here. (24 Aug 95) More functional content changes today. The links page now has a few links, with formatting for categories going forward. Now if only I could find a good icon for each link… (23 Aug 95) Today I started learning C. With some luck, I'll find inspiration on how to streamline the site as I work through basic tutorials. (21 Aug 95) After an extended period of being worn down from all angles, I have begun to transition from Vim to Emacs. My notes on basic commands have been uploaded to the computer tab, and will be updated as I become more sophisticated. (11 Aug 95) It's a medium sized update this week. Added a new page for storing the linux config files I use often. This page will probably have more helpful notes to myself in the future. Look forward to it. (06 Aug 95) Site debut! I will be working to bring you new and exciting content over the next few months. Send me any suggestions you may have!

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