BemaniStyle Mélanges

1 History

  • Dancemania
  • Beatmania series of games
  • Abbreviate to Bemani, start spinoffs
    • Pop 'N Music
    • Dance Dance Revolution

2 Musicians

2.1 Naoki Maeda

  • Half of TERRA
  • "In the beginning of 2013, Naoki left KONAMI for CAPCOM. Following his departure, KONAMI removed nearly all pictures or videos of him from BEMANI games…"
  • Started game studio in 2018
    • Game SEVEN's CODE October 2019

2.1.1 Albums DONE TERRA: Revolution DONE TERRA: Evoltuion

2.2 Jun (TERRA)

  • Joined around 7th mix (DDRMAX2)
  • Sound Drirector of DDR SuperNOVA
  • Wrote lyrics for at least two BeForU songs
  • Left Konami in 2013 with Naoki
    "Similar to Naoki, most jackets and videos appearances of her were removed from BEMANI games; their TËЯRA profile was also removed from the BEMANI Fan Site's artist listing."

2.3 Takayuki Ishikawa - dj TAKA

2.3.1 Aliases

Lion Musashi / Lion MUSASHI
D.J.Amuro / 安室
Hyuga Rei / 白峯麗
Risk Junk / Risk Junk-G
D.J.SETUP / SETUP / setup / SETUP from Berlin / 罠師
金獅子 / 怒れる金の獅子
OutPhase (with TaQ)
iconoclasm / アイコノクラズム (with Jun Wakita)
colors / 色彩乃夢 (composer for)
板橋ギャング / T&S seq. factory (with Seiya Murai)
本能寺 尊之
spinning cokes (as シュンヤ)
dj silverberg
dj razzle dazzle
ADULTIC TEACHERS (as 池ポチャティーチャー坂本 and MC instinct-G)
DJ Scratch & Bend
Captain KING / KING
South Carolina Duzzle
Trance Liquid

2.3.2 Tracks

2.3.3 Albums TODO True Blue… DONE milestone

2.4 Sota Fujimori - SOTA

  • SOTA Remix
  • System S.F.
  • Co-produced DJ TAKA's second album

2.4.1 Tracks

2.4.2 Albums




2.5 Taku Sakakibara - TaQ

Mostly an IIDX composer.

2.5.1 Tracks

2.5.2 Albums TODO Bounce: Connected TODO

2.6 Sanae Shintani (SANA)

2.6.2 Albums

Many. DONE Mitsugetsu Honey Moon

Full version of The Shining Polaris. Most if not all of this (check) is on Sana Coffret. DONE Sana Coffret

Large compilation album. If you can only find one album, this is the one. Miracle Sparkle

The last solo album Sanae did before leaving Konami. Sana Coffret doesn't have lots of these, but most of them are not Bemani collab tracks. The Remy article makes an interesting note…
"KONAMI advertised this album by noting Sana's recent appearances in their pachislot games (most notably their Magical Halloween series), dubbing her a "Pachi Diva" even in the YouTube music previews for the album. Sana left KONAMI the following year."

2.7 BeForU

  • Scouted by Naoki.
  • All the good stuff is basically on their first album.
  • Despite being a troupe, much of their oeuvre consists of solo songs
  • Noria Shiraishi had a number of collaborations with dj TAKA. This is also how she managed to get into a Bemani song in 2016, long after the last BeForU member had been featured in a game (2007).
  • Riyu Kosaka's first solo album also had some traction (Candy <3)

2.7.1 Tracks

2.7.2 Albums TODO BeForU (2003) TODO Begin (Riyu Kosaka)

2.8 Kosuke Saito - kors k

2.9 Toshiyuki Kakuta - L.E.D.

Worked nearly exclusively on the home versions of beatmania/IIDX, eventually becoming head sound director.

  • Composed some tracks for ZOE2

2.9.1 Albums DONE Denjin K (電人K)

This is the album with THE SHINING POLARIS -kors k mix-.

2.10 Akira Yamaoka

2.10.1 Albums DONE iFUTURELIST

3 Licensed Songs

3.2 Smile.DK

3.2.1 TODO Smile

3.2.2 TODO Future Girls

3.3 Lange, Drifting Away [YouTube]​

Lange is still active on Twitter, with some spicy takes…