Table of Contents


1 Social Links

1.1 Want to link to me?

Here's a button ready to rock and roll.


1.2 People I Know

Links to people who have old school buttons. It's sparse right now, because something is broken about the internet. I'm concerned that there might only be three people online.

2 Personal Links

2.1 Technical

Links having to do with physics, math, computer science, etc. This needs a serious overhaul; I didn't have focused goals when I made this list. Lots of stuff could go, and more things could be organized into general advice.

2.2 General

Links from all around, from my entire life, and NOT quality controlled. Please remember that I was 14 when I saved some of these links.


Links I've deemed too spicy for the public. I host these in a way so that the link will work for me locally, but not for you.